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You haven’t experienced luxury travel until you’ve flown on a private jet from New York to Las Vegas. Arriving in the City of Lights with your own set of wings is the perfect way to start your trip. Whether you’re looking for a short weekend getaway with someone special or you’re taking your entire team to a business conference, a charter flight is the ultimate mode of transportation. Book your private jet from New York to Las Vegas to help you and your traveling companions win big!

Do Vegas the Right Way

One of the appeals to a trip to Vegas is that everyone feels like a celebrity no matter how much you’re spending or winning. Why not extend that lavish experience with a charter jet? You’ll find that your trip takes a fraction of the time when you fly by private jet vs. a commercial airline. The 2200-mile journey from the Big Apple to Sin City will never feel the same again! If you’re ready to elevate your lifestyle with luxury travel, charter a private jet from New York to Las Vegas, today!

Discover the Excitement of Luxury Travel

When you book a private jet from New York to Las Vegas, the excitement begins the moment before you ever leave Manhattan. If you’re looking to impress your fellow passengers, you’ll find plenty of amenities and services to spruce up your adventure. From your favorite cuisines to celebratory champagne, the possibilities for a thrilling vacation are nearly endless. You’ll be surprised at just how special you’ll feel when you’re booking your first private jet. We even have some great ideas for Vegas-style entertainment for long flights.

private jet to vegas

Explore the Benefits of Charter Flights

  • Choose from an expansive database of aircraft models;
  • Skip the wait at airport and security lines;
  • Protect your traveling companions with private security services;
  • Indulge in fine dining options;
  • Gain access to more airports;
  • Cut down on in-air travel time;
  • Alleviate stress with custom arrival and departure times;

Learn more about the many different benefits of private jets.

The Cost of a Private Jet from New York to Las Vegas

Many modern travelers are finding that charter planes can be much more budget-friendly than they originally thought. This is especially true for business trips where the owner would otherwise have to pay for each seat on a commercial airline. Not to mention that 1st class can be exceptionally costly — with limited seats — if you’re traveling with a large team. This is because you’re not paying per passenger but instead for the total cost of the chartered plane. If you book a private jet from New York to Las Vegas that seats 14 people, for example, it’s the same cost no matter how many passengers you bring.

Learn more about how much a private jet costs to rent.

charter plane from new york to las vegas
Increase Your Luck with Charter Jet One

An extravagant trip to the entertainment capital of the world isn’t complete without your own set of wings. A private jet from New York to Las Vegas will make you feel like you’re already winning big before you ever touchdown in Vegas. Let Charter Jet One be your good luck charm! We’re proud to be one of the nation’s top charter flight operators. Book your charter flight to Las Vegas, today!

Not sure how to get started? Learn more about how to charter a plane.

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