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Charter Jet One’s Private Jet Travel Agents

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We work with Luxury Private Travel Agents Worldwide

With the right charter travel agents at your disposal, private luxury jet rentals have never been easier. Charter Jet One maintains relationships with the most elite private travel agencies in the world. By collaborating with other private travel agents, we offer some of the most exclusive luxury vacation packages anywhere. No other company offers the same level of service as Charter Jet One.

Limited flight alternatives and travelers’ requirement for six feet of personal space, which conventional airports don’t exactly give, drove up demand for private jet charters in the last two years. Commercial air travel is far from in demand these days, with widespread flight cancellations across the country and shrunken routes offered by major U.S. carriers, leaving room for luxury tourists to venture into the world of private aviation.

Save Time with Private Travel Agencies

Our charter travel agents can save you valuable time and energy while providing you with the best value in a private jet charter. Our highly qualified and friendly private jet travel agents will assist you with your trip and find you the perfect private jet charter – all while you earn travel discounts. Speak with one of our experienced travel professionals today about our charter flights service and plan your trip with ease.

Worldwide Jet Agency Travel Network

Charter Jet One works with luxury private travel agents worldwide to help provide the most cost-efficient, prompt, and courteous private jet service available anywhere. Our global network enables us to provide a variety of charter aircrafts with access to airports both large and small.

Whether you are planning a Far Eastern sales tour, a tailored safari, a major sporting event, or simply a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, a private aircraft will get you closer to your final destination on a timetable designed to maximize your time doing what matters most to you. You have the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want.


Comprehensive Aircraft Fleet

CJ1 offers the industry’s most refined types of private jets and programs to perfectly align with your travel requirements. Our charter travel agents/sales professionals develop a profile based on a thorough review of your travel needs and then create sensible options designed to bring you the highest possible value. Unlike other private travel agencies, Charter Jet One believes in putting the client’s needs above all else to ensure you have the best experience whenever you rent a private air charter.

Flexible Travel Options

Our charter travel agents offer flexible travel options. If your needs change over time, we adjust along with you by offering solutions to move you to a different private jet program or aircraft. In fact, we often notice your travel patterns changing before you do and proactively come up with creative solutions. This is one of the main reasons our customers choose us over other private travel agencies. Ready to take a private jet vacation around the world? Our private travel agents will be able to set you up for success.

Experience Luxury Travel with Charter Jet One

Why book with Charter Jet One’s private travel agents? Our luxury private planes can access hundreds of airports, and we have expert staff and some of the best pilots to be found – not to mention excellent medical air charter in the case of emergencies. The perks of hiring a private jet charter service include cargo sensitivity and, most importantly, time sensitivity. Commercial airlines are a hassle and take extra hours of your time so why not hire private jet travel agents through Charter Jet One when your time and travel plans are precious!

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