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Many travelers are looking for safer flights to New York City. Recent travel restrictions and bans have put a lot of people’s travel plans on hold. Even with domestic travel bans being lifted, a lot of people are worried about the risk of flying via commercial airlines. After all, it is hard to abide by social distancing rules and sanitation guidelines with the amount of traffic in commercial airports and even once you’re in flight. Whether you’re looking to travel to major cities around the world for business or pleasure, you might be wondering about your options for safer flights to New York City.

Why Are Charter Flights Safer?

The concern about flying commercially has also caused a lot of people to investigate the reasons why choosing to travel via charter jet is a safer option. At Charter Jet One, we can affirm that not only does flying privately allow you to truly social distance in our low-capacity cabins, but you can also skip the hustle and bustle of commercial airports. In fact, you can easily limit your contact with other people by going directly from your fixed base operator to your private jet. Those are just some of the reasons travelers are more concerned about flying safe than ever before.

Safer Charter Flights in New York City

For safer flights to New York City, consider flying privately with Charter Jet One. Not only is flying to NYC a routine trip for our crew, we rank NYC  as the second-best destination to visit by private jet for so many reasons. The New York City area has a variety of quality fixed base operators and our helpful staff can easily arrange a safe way to get you there. If you want more information on safer flights to New York City, request a quick private jet quote to get started.

Choose Your Fixed Base Operators

If you need help choosing a fixed-base operator in New York City, we can help with that too! All of the fixed base operators we work with provide luxury experiences and are designed to serve your needs, so that you can travel safely and confidently. In general, fixed base operators are known for being scarcely populated and for providing extremely clean, comfortable spaces. Most include relaxing lounges, complimentary snacks and beverages, as well as sanitary bathrooms. When traveling via private jet, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to avoid crowds, contaminated spaces, and high-stress situations.

Avoid Crowds at New York Commercial Airports

Both LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport are the primary commercial airports serving the New York City area. In fact, JFK is the sixth busiest airport in the country and saw more than 63 million passengers in 2019 alone. Due to their dense populations and crowds, it is hard for these large commercial airports to maintain the kind of sanitation measures needed during a global pandemic. In addition, it is hard to abide by the six-foot social distancing protocol in large crowds throughout the terminal and in the cabins. These are just some of the reasons that private jets offer safer flights to New York City.

social-distancing flights

Maximize Social Distancing

Throughout the commercial airport experience, there are so many times where you are shoulder-to-shoulder with another person. The way that the terminals and large commercial cabins are designed, makes it nearly impossible to socially distance yourself from others. However, when you fly privately, you can reserve an entire cabin to yourself or limit it to your family and friends. Additionally, due to the low capacity of the fixed base operators, you can maximize your social distancing with ease. At Charter Jet One, our staff and crew have increased their safety and sanitation protocols to ensure your health and safety.

Minimize Exposure

Since New York City was one of the hardest hit areas by the pandemic, we always advise that you minimize your exposure as much as possible. Of course, you can do this by booking a safer flight to New York City with Charter Jet One, but we also advise getting direct transportation to your destination once you’ve landed. Once you arrive at one of the convenient fixed base operators in New York, simply arrange for car service, so you can skip public transit and other communal areas. Our team at Charter Jet One is always here to help you book your trip—from takeoff—to landing.

Fly Safely with Charter Jet One

If you need to fly to the big apple, but you’re concerned about your health, booking a charter jet is one way to guarantee a safer flight to New York City. At Charter Jet One, we’re dedicated to protecting your health and safety and providing the best services and accommodations possible. In addition to the safety that flying privately provides, you should always check the TSA and CDC updated guidelines if you’re traveling during Covid-19. For some states, there have been mandated quarantine rules depending on your place of origin.

Lastly, we know that traveling to major destinations like New York City are necessary and we want to make your experience stress-free. Despite recent events, New York offers some of the best site seeing and culturally-rich attractions in the country. We feel confident that flying privately is a safer—and more relaxing—option to get you and your loved ones to your final destination. Contact us today to book your charter jet to New York City.


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