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What do empty leg flights cost? Many people want to know how much are empty leg flights in comparison to other private jet charter services. In this article, we’ll provide an inside-look into the various factors that affect the total cost of a private jet charter empty leg flight. We’ll answer the following questions:

  1. What factors affect a private jet charter empty leg flights cost?
  2. Which specific class of aircraft are available for empty leg flights?
  3. Do departing and return flights have different prices?

Charter Jet One  has all the answers to your questions about empty leg flights for both personal or commercial use. Request a quote for empty leg flights from Charter Jet One and experience the many benefits of our private charter service for an affordable price! Now, let’s dive into the components of empty leg fligths:

Charter Jet One’s Empty Leg Flights

How much are empty leg flights? First, let’s consider the various components of an empty leg flight. The cost of empty leg flights varies for a number of reasons, such as aircraft model, trip distance, passenger count, destination and time-constraints posed by the primary flight booking.  Using this information, our team calculates estimated expenses in order to provide you with a custom quote for empty leg flights.

Private Jet Charter Empty Leg Flights Cost

 Save money with our private jet charter empty leg flights!

Empty leg flights – or one-way private jets — enable travelers to save money on airfare. Private jet charter empty leg flights cost much less than a traditional private jet rental. Our team values our clients and constantly strive to provide safe, reliable and affordable transportation. When we calculate your custom quote, we’ll consider a number of factors before determining your discount.

empty leg flights cost

Empty Leg Flight Factors

Three of the most common questions we receive at Charter Jet One are “how much are empty leg flights?,” “how much does a private jet cost to rent?” and “what do empty leg flights cost to charter?”  It’s important to understand the reason a custom quote is necessary before we can provide you with an accurate estimate for empty leg flights:

Empty Leg Flight Cost Calculator

  • Distance: Private charter jet empty leg flights cost more the farther you travel.
  • Primary Booking: Empty leg flights become available when a one-way booking has been made by another client.
  • Timeframe: If we’re picking someone up in NYC and dropping them off in Miami, your empty leg flight typically would need to depart within a specific timeframe to take an empty leg flight with the crew back to NYC.
  • Passenger Count: The number of passengers in your group will affect the empty leg flight cost.
  • Aircraft: Certain charter jets cost more than others to rent.
  • Airport: Sometimes airports have certain restrictions which can incur additional costs for empty legs.
  • Season: Some seasons are busier than others which may affect an empty leg flight’s cost.

private jet charter empty leg flights cost

Luxury Empty Leg Flight Rentals

A luxury jet rental delivers an elevated travel experience you won’t find anywhere else. We offer a variety of different aircraft models for private travel. When you take one of our plans as part of your luxury empty leg flight, you’ll be saving money while experiencing an upscale, sophisticated and efficient mode of transportation at a reasonable price.We provide our customers with an expansive selection of charter planes that frequently become available for empty leg flights:

Charter Aircraft Fleet

empty leg flights cost

Benefits of Empty Leg Charter Flights

While private jet charter empty leg flights cost more than commercial airlines, the benefits of flying on luxury jets outweigh those expenses. If you value your employee’s time and safety, then private jets are an excellent resource for company trips. Empty leg charter flights are discreet, secure and fast.

According to Forbes,

“If you’re looking for a way to save money on private air travel, one-way flights – or Empty Legs – may be the answer.”

How Much Do Private Jet Charter Empty Leg Flights Cost at Charter Jet One?

We hope to have provided some helpful information to you regarding our empty leg flight costs. Still wondering how much are empty leg flights? Looking for more information about empty leg flights cost when you travel with Charter Jet One? The answer depends on your budget constraints, passengers, and the availability of an aircraft for an empty leg flight.

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