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If you’re interested in learning how to charter a private jet, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you find the best private jet charter flights for your specific needs. Many of our customers choose charter flights when they need to reach a more remote location without a major airport. It’s important to our customers that they always travel on the best jet charter flight possible. Our clients leave us great feedback after booking their first chartered plane with CJ1. When you’re looking for an elite mode of transportation, there are a few things you should consider.

How to Charter a Private Jet

  1. Select Departure and Arrival Location
  2. Identify Your Passenger Count
  3. Select an Aircraft Model / Class
  4. Book Your Jet Charter Flight

How Do You Charter a Private Jet?

Select Departure and Arrival Location

How do you charter a private jet? The first step in securing your private jet charter flight is the itinerary. Identifying the departure location and destination city will help you narrow down the availability of jet charter flights. Where are you departing? Where are you arriving? Are your dates flexible? Much like commercial airlines, it’s important to have an understanding of your travel requirements prior to booking.

Identify Your Passenger Count

The next factor in learning how to charter a private jet is your passenger count. Not all jet planes are built the same. You’ll want to identify the number of passengers you’re expecting in order to narrow down your aircraft options. For example, when traveling with four individuals, you won’t need a large business jet for your trip. For groups of 20 or more, however, you’ll want to choose a BBJ or large jet charter. Look at the following table to determine which aircraft size / class supports the number of passengers with whom you’ll be traveling:

Aircraft Seat Requirements
Size Class Seats
Small Jets Twin Pistons 1 to 4
Small Jets Turbo Props 6 to 9
Small Jets Very Light Jets 4 to 8
Small Jets Light Jets 4 to 8
Medium Jets Midsize Jets 7 to 9
Medium Jets Super Midsize Jets 6 to 10
Medium Jets Heavy Jets 12 to 18
Business Jets Long Range BBJs 25 to 50
Business Jets Jumbo Jets 50 to 500

Select an Aircraft, Model or Class

The next question many ask is how do you charter a private jet that compliments your lifestyle or business? This is the fun part. At CJ1, we can help you choose the specific aircraft from an expansive database. Or, if you already have one in mind, we can try to locate the private jet charter for your selected itinerary. It may be helpful to narrow down your selection to a specific class. Some business owners prefer to charter 747 BBJs for all the added luxury features while others find smaller models to be sufficient for their needs.

how do you charter a private jet?

Top 5 Aircraft

Our most popular models for jet charter flights include:

Aircraft Rental Fleet

Book Your Jet Charter Flight

Now that you know all about selecting jet charter flights, it’s time to book! From exceptional concierge service to high-class aircraft options, you can’t go wrong with Charter Jet One. So what are you waiting for? If your business is ready to take to the skies in a charter jet rental, contact our team for a custom airplane rental quote today! We’re confident you’ll be happy with your private jet rental cost. We’re here to help you learn how to charter a private jet without any unwanted surprises when it’s time to book.

how to charter a private jet

Best Private Flights

How do you charter a private jet that’s guaranteed to meet your needs? The answer lies in choosing the right charter flight operator. Our company is proud to be one of the nation’s leading charter flight services. From empty leg charter flights to a luxury jet rental, our travel concierges can find the perfect aircraft for your journey. Don’t wait until the last minute — get in touch with us to reserve your charter aircraft today!

New Aircraft on the Way

Sometimes the best is yet to come. If you’re looking for a new aircraft model to take for a spin, there are more and more options popping up each year. You can charter a private jet that’s just been released to the market by reaching out to our team at Charter Jet One. According to Chad Anderson, president of Jetcraft International Aircraft Sales:

“no fewer than 20 new business aircraft are under development by major manufacturers.”

Charter Jet One

Now that we’ve answered the question, “how do you charter a private jet?”, we hope you’re better equipped to fly smart. Selecting the right aircraft for your commercial or leisure trip can be a big decision. At Charter Jet One, we also offer a variety of helicopters in our fleet. If you’re still not sure which is the best private jet model, why not book one for your next flight and find out for yourself?

Contact us with questions and browse our website for more information about our private jet charter services. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you have additional questions about how to charter a private jet in the US. We look forward to providing you with exceptional service.

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