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It’s not surprising that understanding factors that impact a private plane charter cost is the number one concern for those traveling on luxury private jets. Most people are hoping to find a jet charter cost that is a balance between  expense and luxury. After all, cushy leather seats, lots of legroom, flexible scheduling and even the ability to have one’s best furry friend travel on board are not the sort of things one gets with the discount ticket and the cattle call commercial airline trip.

Private Plane Charter Cost

However, when it comes to identifying your private plane charter cost, what used to be the domain of only the rich and famous is now becoming quite competitive. With so many jet charter flights now competing with other agencies on pricing, the price range now varies greatly depending on market variables. The trick is in knowing how to shop smartly for air travel and choose the best option possible. Check out our aircraft database for more information on the private jet fleet at Charter Jet One.

Lower Jet Charter Cost with Empty Leg Flights

What is an empty leg flight? Many air travel companies often find that cancelations, inability to book as much as desired, and seasonal demand causes flights with empty seats. As a business, a charter jet company is far better off having a paid seat on a leg that occurs than an empty one. As a result, last-minute opportunities tend to come up that work in the favor of the consumer. One just has to be willing to fly when that opportunity appears – on one way charter flights rather than round trip charter flights – without the option to schedule out four months in advance. For regular air commuters, empty leg flights should not be a problem.

private plane charter cost

Travel in a Group to Lessen Private Plane Charter Cost

If your team frequently travels to the same location, group pricing can be far more affordable than a single ticket. After all, most groups of five or six are essentially the normal passenger load of a given charter jet flight. Group ticket pricing works out to offer a more competitive pricing rate per person. Especially on trips that are scheduled close to the departure date as this is when commercial airlines typically run up their pricing. Jumbo jet charter flights provide an ideal mode of transportation for larger groups.

Peak Travel Times Affect Jet Charter Cost

In locations where there is a lot of traffic and business, a charter jet is a great option for travel. Odd location destinations probably won’t offer the best pricing. For example, routes from Sacramento, CA to Ontario, CA will get a lot of frequency and traffic. Flights from the smaller towns of Redding, CA, to Truckee, CA, on the other hand, not so much. Pricing often tends to be a product of peak flight times in the day for a given route. As you can see, there are many factors that can affect the total jet charter cost.

Private Jet Charter New York

Experience luxury with private jet charter New York. If you’re considering a private jet rental for a trip originating in New York City, Charter Jet One can definitely help. Our pricing is designed for the commuter looking to get in and out of the New York metro area comfortably by air. Designed to be competitive with similar resources, Charter Jet One frequently produces cost-effective travel for both small groups and individuals. With flexibility in mind, our flight resources today reinvent how business air travel needs to happen, and how it can occur more effectively. Contact us today for more information or request a charter quote for free!

More Information on Private Plane Charter Cost

If you still have questions about private plane charter cost, safety and efficiency, Charter Jet One is here to assist. Read our article, “How Much Does a Private Jet Cost to Rent,” for more information on factors that impact your jet charter cost.

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