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So you’ve heard that private charter jet services might be as competitive in travel, cost, direction and overall travel benefits as commercial airline travel. However, once you start looking, the next challenge becomes apparent: how to choose one service over the other? Private jet airlines are becoming more and more available as many companies update their fleets with smaller planes able to transport groups of four to seven passengers at a time. These cost less to operate than a 20 or 30 passenger jet, which means they can fly more and handle more routes, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the best package for a company or business traveler needs.

The Cost of Chartered Flights

There is no question than many charter routes are ringing in cheaper than a comparative commercial airline ticket for the same destination. However, many of these are due to empty seats that are unable to be filled up to the last second before the flight has to occur. After all, a paid seat for an airline is always better than one with a $0 revenue stream attached to it. That said, there are aspects of a good charter jet service that are going to stand out beyond price alone.

What Should I Look at When Comparing Charter Services?

The first thing a flier should be looking at is the pilot expertise and flying record of a given company. Anybody with the equipment and a pilot’s license can set up a charter business. However, good charters have a long history of successful, quality flying and performance. These records stand out over time, and a quick referral check from travel agencies and similar will identify the better players in town.

Second, don’t go with the bargain basement flyer. Just like contract bidding, those who are the bottom figure often cut their operations so tight, it typically means advisable maintenance or support is not being provided. Tolerating a higher cost point often produces better charter service providers with more amenities, better records, and better equipment.

Third, consider the age of a provider’s air fleet. Used planes are often moved from one company to another, with younger travel provider picking up very used planes at low cost to get started with a fleet. A younger fleet often means a more reliable aircraft and better services overall, including the physical comforts on the plan itself. For example, teams who want to work conference meetings while en-route may not find the necessary equipment on older planes, having to rely instead on their satellite phones, if they have one.

Fourth, how does the provider handle the long-term customer relationship? Does the provider give the customer an advantage with a price plan, frequent flier advantage, or a discounted flying account for regular commuters? These options reward clients who provide customer loyalty, so fliers should look for these differences as well to their advantage.

Choose Charter Jet One

Charter Jet One helps customers and companies achieve cost effective travel with high quality service and modern fleet benefits. They reward their frequent customers with advantageous price plans and flying scheduling benefits as well. There are lots of charter services to choose from, but a business jet charter New York City option with both convenience, price sensitivity and top quality service is hard to find outside of Charter Jet One. For more information on our services and pricing, call us today!

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