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While there are many different types of private jets, Charter Jet One selects only the best private jet models for our clients. Each aircraft has something different to offer which makes understanding private jet types an important factor in choosing the right charter jet for your unique needs. Learn more about the different types of private jets, including types of small jets, types of medium jets and types of businesses jets, below:

What Are the Different Private Jet Types?

Private Jet Class Private Jet Size Number of Passenger Seats
Twin Pistons Small Jets 1 to 4
Turbo Props Small Jets 6 to 9
Very Light Jets Small Jets 4 to 8
Light Jets Small Jets 4 to 8
Midsize Jets Medium Jets 7 to 9
Super Midsize Jets Medium Jets 6 to 10
Heavy Jets Medium Jets 12 to 18
Long Range BBJs Business Jets 25 to 50
Jumbo Jets Business Jets 50 to 500

types of small jets

Types of Small Jets

When it comes to different types of small jets, our private plane fleet includes a few classes:

At Charter Jet One, our aircraft database includes some of the best types of small jets for charter. If you’d like to rent a private jet for the first time, these types of private jets are a great place to start — especially if you don’t require very many seats for your passengers. Most types of small jets support up to 8 passengers on average.

Our Small Jets

We have a variety of private jet models in classes listed under the different types of small jets, such as the twin piston Piper Navajo, the very light jet Cessna Citation M2, and the light jet Dassault Falcon 10. Small jets are among the most common types of private jets rented at Charter Jet One.

types of medium jets

Types of Medium Jets

The various types of medium jets available at Charter Jet One are available in three different classes:

When you’re in the market for a private jet charter, you’ll want to consider a few different types of medium jets (listed above). Midsize jets are the lowest size class when it comes to types of medium jets, which are manufactured in a variety of private jet models, and typically support up 9 passengers. Super midsize jets tend to be a bit more upscale and can support up to 10 passengers on average.

Our Medium Jets

If you’re interested in a luxury jet charter that falls under these different types of medium jets, we recommend you explore the best super midsize jets available in our fleet, including the Gulfstream G200, Bombardier Challenger 350 and Dassault Falcon 5X. Our heavy jets, which seat 12-18 passengers, are also included among the types of medium jets for rent at Charter Jet One. We’re confident our types of medium jets will fit your specific needs!

types of business jets

Types of Business Jets

If you’re interested in different types of business jets, or types of corporate jets, we have a couple options available:

Boeing private jets are among the most common types of business jets used for corporate travel. From short flights between Miami and NYC to long-range flights for a corporate retreat, the different types of corporate jets are each designed to deliver a luxurious experience above all-else.

Our Business Jets

When it comes to types of business jets, the Boeing 737 is one of the most well-known private jet models and very popular among corporate executives, and can seat up to 50 passengers for a 17-hour flight. Another popular model is the 747 BBJ jumbo jet which supports up to 500 commercial passengers. These types of corporate jets are typically used for large corporations looking to take a big chunk of their staff on a business trip.

Types of Jets Used for Charter Flights

Empty Leg Flights

Charter Jet One provides industry-leading empty leg flights for both personal or commercial use. Request a quote for empty leg flights from Charter Jet One and experience the many benefits of our private charter service for an affordable price! Learn about the various factors that affect the costs in the article, “How Much Are Empty Leg Flights?”

Charter Flights

Whether you need business jets, a jumbo jet charter, light jet rental or any size private jet in between, Charter Jet One has you covered. We help you choose from the best type of jet for your trip and personal preferences. For our more frequent flyers, we also offer a private jet fractional ownership program. Charter Jet One offers the best service, prices and commitment for business and personal private jet travel. Click or call to charter a private jet today.

Ready. Set. Jet.

Charter Flights on the Rise

According to Forbes,

“While it may seem like being in a candy store, even for the relatively small commitment of a single charter flight, getting the right jet can impact your experience.”

Discover the Best Private Jet Models at Charter Jet One

With a variety of private jet models, and many different types of private jets, we’re sure you’ll find the best aircraft for you or your organization. Upgrade your travel experience with our charter jet rentals, today! Do you have questions about the diverse types of private jets available? Contact Charter Jet One for more information about private jet types, rates and availability.

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