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Charter Jet One is the premiere choice in private charter jet rental. When it comes to jet rental flights there are many advantages to flying private charter jet vs. a commercial airline. The many perks that come along with the Charter Jet One experience make jet rental the obvious choice for our notable clientele. Whether you are looking for an empty leg charter with a private one way jet experience or a custom private jet charter round trip experience, the benefits of private jet rental far exceed those of a commercial flights.

A Luxury Private Jet Charter Experience

When flying Charter Jet One our number one priority is your comfort. There is no stress or frustration in your jet charter voyage; avoid the hustle and bustle of commercial airports: you’re no longer worried about missing a flight, dealing with dreaded lengthy security lines, or interfacing with rude, overworked airport staff members. With our private charter jet services we offer the high-end, plush amenities, with a variety of private aircraft fleets, that can only be found with a private jet charter. From spacious and cozy seating in our jumbo jet charter, to lush bathrooms with showers, to the most advanced in-flight entertainment Charter Jet One private jet charters are far superior to that of commercial airlines. Avoid the commercial flying headache with our concierge service, which includes ground transportation with door-to-door service and our five-star-catering that is personalized to suite your desires. No more microwaved cuisine or suspicious looking food; at Charter Jet One your personalized flight experience can be as simple or as extravagant as you would like it to be. A completely tailored journey with best in class crew makes for a relaxing, stress-free and enjoyable private jet charter.

Convenient and Safe Charter Jet Travel

Charter Jet One’s private jet rentals are available at a moment’s notice with the option of creating your own schedule vs. flying commercial, where you are at the mercy of the major airline companies. You are no longer forced to fly into major airports, that are hours away from your destination. We have the ability fly into much smaller airports in both a empty leg charter as well as a round trip private jet charter, saving you precious time and energy. Bring your pets, scuba gear, presentation boards or golf clubs, as we don’t limit you to a one bag carry-on. At Charter Jet One we are also the front runners in private aircraft safety and make it easy for all handicapped and elderly passengers to travel safely with the best quality care.

Efficient and Cost Effective Private Jet Rental

Conduct your meetings on your timeframe. With Charter Jet One, you don’t have to worry that you will miss your flight because you can communicate directly with the private jet pilot to ensure flexibility. You’re not wasting any time checking into the flight or waiting on stand-by. With a private jet rental your trip is personalized and based around your schedule. Private jet rentals are not going to break the bank! Private jet cost has actually decreased over the years to a more reasonable price in comparison to that of first class. Especially, if you are traveling with a group of friends and family private jet rentals are the way to go.

Private and Confidential Flights

Make the most of your meetings and corporate affairs by conducting them while traveling in your secure and private jet. Since you are in charge of who is on the aircraft with you, and the flight staff are required to sign confidentiality agreements you feel at ease with your business affairs. Especially if you are traveling in a group, charter jet transport is the way to go. Maximize your travel without the tension and lack of privacy that goes along with commercial by booking a private jet, empty leg air charter, or private helicopter rental with Charter Jet One today.

Book your next private jet with Charter Jet One and experience the joys of private jet rental. Call us toll free at (844) 251-0555 to speak with a representative or Request a quote online today!

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