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Travelers enjoy private jet charters at close to airline prices on empty leg flights from Charter Jet One

Private Jets for the Everyday Traveler

After a charter plane drops off its passengers, it needs to get back to its home airport or to its next pick up location. This is typically referred to as an empty leg flight or empty leg charter (or even just empty leg). Rather than flying the private jet without passengers, many aircraft operators will offer these flights at heavily discounted prices. With discounts of up to 75% off the typical cost of a private jet charter, this is a great way for savvy travelers to enjoy the benefits of flying on a private plane at close to commercial airline prices.

Around 40 percent of all private jet flights operate as empty leg flights so these deals are always available and are updated in real time!

The main thing to consider with an empty leg charter is that you lose the flexibility of picking an exact time and route of your private charter plane. When a route becomes available that looks good to you, you’ll want to jump on it quickly before another passenger books it.

If you have flexible travel plans, an empty leg charter is a great way to enjoy all of the amenities of flying on a charter jet including private terminals, large comfortable seats, corporate concierge jet service and the ‘royal’ treatment we all love.

Our empty leg flight listings are updated in real time as private jets become available, making it easier than ever for you to take advantage of flying on a private charter plane at close to commercial airline prices. It’s a great way to take a last minute vacation with your family, enjoy a corporate retreat with co-workers or celebrate that special occasion with friends (bachelor party in the Caribbean anyone?).

Booking an empty leg charter flight from Charter Jet One is simple and worry-free. Our dedicated customer service team and flight crews look forward to providing you with outstanding service to your next destination.

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