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You may have never looked into using an air taxi service. New York city offers a host of travel options, including all of the best airlines in the world. You probably think that hiring a private plane is too expensive or reserved for the wealthy elite. The truth is that the price is comparable to coach prices but the benefits are outstanding. Passengers who use Charter Jet One find this option beneficial to a better quality of life – in both work and play.

Air Taxi Service New York City – Benefits to Private Flight Travel

Today’s world is far smaller than it was just a few years ago. With access to travel, your options to visit new locations and work in a variety of cities has opened up tremendously in the last few decades. If you’re still in the mindset that private air travel is reserved for the very rich, think again. The benefits to using an air taxi service can far outweigh the cost and, today, those costs are low enough to compete with coach prices. Here are some of the advantages our customers can’t live without:

  • Convenience. Using a private air taxi service offers convenience that commercial air lines just can’t accommodate. This option allows you to skip all of the hassles associated with flying coach – long lines, long wait times, etc. Because your experience through a private flight is intensely personal, you don’t have to share your time with hundreds of other passengers vying for the crew and customer service person’s attention. The process is smoother and faster.
  • Comfort. Private flights offer an abundance of comfort. You won’t be sardined between two people you don’t know, in seats that barely allow you room to stretch your legs.
  • Experience. The experience of flying through an air taxi service makes your travel time more pleasant and more your own. Whether you want to unwind to catch your thoughts or you prefer to dedicate your travel time to work, a private flight gives you control of those hours. In a normal commercial flight environment, much of your travel time will be wasted.
  • Privacy. Privacy is a key factor for many private flight customers. Whether you want dedicated space for your party or you’re interested in an environment where your staff can continue working through the journey, this option gives you the ability to limit the distractions you wouldn’t be able to control in a public travel environment.
  • Luxury. Let’s face it, luxury is one of the key factors in deciding to take a private flight over a commercial airline. Some advantages to this mode of travel include a choice of catered food, experienced staff dedicated to your party, luxury seating, and an outstanding atmosphere during the flight.

Interested in an Air Taxi Service in New York City?

Do you travel for work? Would you benefit from using that travel time more constructively? Maybe you’d just like a more private option for your family’s travel itinerary. If you’re a frequent flyer interested in more information on private flights, contact Charter Jet One today to book your next trip.

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