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Private Jumbo Jets | Boeing 747

Jumbo Jet Private Charter

Private Jumbo Jet Charters

Private Jumbo jets including Boeing 747 private jets are among the largest and most luxurious private jet charters. When you want to fly in style with a large group for a vacation or corporate retreat, a luxury private jumbo jet is the way to go.

Charter Jet One customers care about luxury, quality, convenience and mobility. They often desire access to the same amenities in the air as they have on the ground – and that is when we recommend jumbo jet planes such as a private Boeing 747. Jumbo jet charters have large spaces including offices, conference rooms, bedrooms, dining facilities, entertainment areas and more.

private 747 interior
private jumbo Jet

Boeing 747 private jet

The Boeing 747 private jet is one of the most popular private jumbo jets. The most famous example of a private Boeing jumbo jet being Donald Trump’s $100 million Boeing 757-200 business jet. Many celebrities like Trump are converting their jumbo jet airliners into private flying palaces.

What can you expect in the jumbo jet interior? What can’t you expect! The interior of jumbo jet planes feature dining tables large enough huge family dinners, luxury sofas and one is even rumored to have come with a bowling alley.

jumbo jet interior
luxury private jets

Private jumbo jets are the biggest option for private jet charters. Varied cabin configuration offers standard commercial seating up to 500 people or plush business class chairs for 50 or more. Whether it’s a corporate group or sports team, a Jumbo Jet is the best option for flying a large group of people on the same aircraft.

Private jumbo jets are just better way to fly in luxury. Rent a private jumbo jet online or contact a Charter Jet One agent to book your next private jumbo jet plane today!

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