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Private charter flights with Charter Jet One allow you to skip the hassles and headaches of ‎commercial airline travel.

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With Charter Jet One you can find empty leg charter flights throughout the United States, Canada, Caribbean and Europe.

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Get to your location faster and closer than any commercial airline‎ with a charter plane from Charter Jet One.

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A little shopping in Dubai? A romantic night in Paris? Charter jet Europe with us and we will whisk ‎you away in style.

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Pick your island, pick your private jet charter and go. Travel the world in a private jet with Charter Jet One.

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Charter Jet One offers private helicopter rentals and helicopter charters from some of the best operators!

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Give us your private jet specs – from a jumbo jet charter to light jet rental – Charter the world with Charter Jet One.

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Charter Jet One offers phenomenal empty leg flights and private jet charter one way flights at great prices.

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Charter a private jet for business or personal travel with Charter Jet One. Worldwide 24/7. Call for a quote. Ready. Set. Jet.

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With access to hundreds of airports worldwide, a luxury private jet from Charter Jet One can get you anywhere, anytime in luxury. Charter Jet 1 has revolutionized private jet rental – getting you closer and faster to your destination than any commercial airline and in a shorter time frame. Travelers have come to realize that their time is even more valuable than ever and waiting over an hour to catch a plane to then commute for another hour to reach their final destination is something of the past. Executives who fly with Charter Jet One enjoy the amenities of private charter planes or private helicopter rentals with the best pilots and crew. Private charter planes from Charter Jet One offer the upmost in luxury, service and convenience. Or maybe you’d like to find discount charter jet prices, in which case you want to take advantage of our empty leg flights. At Charter Jet One we have all of your needs covered no matter where you fly. We make private jet rentals uncomplicated and relaxing, all while providing the best-in-class service to our high end clientele with the most cost-effective aircraft options in the marketplace. Enjoy a charter jet rental from Charter Jet One and see what you’ve been missing in private charter travel!

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On any one of Charter Jet One’s private planes – the sky is the limit. When it comes to travel, whether for personal or business, a private jet charter is the way to go. Private planes will provide you and your passengers with utmost privacy, safety, luxury, style, and comfort that simply cannot be matched. With the evolution of private jet charters, private flights no longer only belong to the rich and famous! At Charter Jet One, we cater to a large clientele, giving you a luxurious private jet experience with our large fleet of aircrafts time after time.
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Private Helicopter Charter

Charter Jet One offers private helicopter rentals from some of the best helicopter operators, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re in safe hands! A private helicopter charter is convenient for traveling short distances and for an intimate experience including helicopter site-seeing tours. With our intelligently designed fleet feel confident that you will reach your final destination with comfort and ease. Our helicopter rentals offer a wide variety of advantages from making a great first impression by traveling in style to getting to your destination faster and the versatility of being able to land in remote locations.
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Empty Leg Charter Flights

Empty leg flights have become increasingly popular in the world of private air travel for the flexible and savvy jet traveler. Empty leg flights are the return portion of booked one-way private charter flights. The aircraft needs to fly empty to pick up its next client or to return to its home base. Although private jet operators try to avoid flying empty, a total of 30% of all private jets still do, creating substantial inventory of empty leg flights. Empty leg flights are a great way to get cheap private jet flights at much lower costs than private jet rental. These empty leg charter prices are for the entire jet so you can bring as many passengers as the jet can seat!

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Charter Jet One is your premier charter flight company. Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities and luxury in Jet Travel with Charter Jet One. The “ONE” for best-in-class Service, Luxury and Safety for private flights! With access to hundreds of airports, a private aircraft can get you closer and faster than any commercial airline and in a shorter time, whether you are looking for empty leg flights or a private jet charter one of our highly trained and qualified travel agents can help you book today. We surpass our competitor’s standards with the finest jet rental service offerings. Our quality care and customizable charter flights give you the ability to rent a private jet in a flexible and secure manner.
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With Charter Jet One you will be able to travel luxuriously in the private plane of your choice. Charter Jet One offers a wide variety of knowledge and expertise when it comes to your private jet rental. Our Corporate Concierge Service has unparalleled excellence with a dedication to service that has redefined charter jet rental. We are redefining the flight industry by offering our valued clients our signature amenities with private catering so you can dine in elegance, conduct business, or simply relax if you choose. We also offer a wider variety destination options and charter flight options.
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The Charter Jet One Jet Card empowers our clientele to travel in a more exclusive manner, all while earning rewards. And who doesn’t like rewards? You’ll get rewarded every time you fly on one of our private jets with the exclusive privileges we offer for our loyal clientele. Our Jet Card funds never expire and the balance is fully refundable. Travel worldwide on our private planes with guaranteed availability and no blackout date. Becoming a member today with the Charter Jet One card and gain access to our unbeatable service offerings and rewards.
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