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Boeing Business Jets (BBJs)

Long Range BBJ Charter

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Charter Planes

Long Range BBJ Charter Jet Flights

The Boeing Business Jet Private Jet Aircraft series, also known as a long range BBJ, is a factory conversion of the Boeing 747 series airliner for the corporate jet market. This private jet charter usually seats between 25 and 50 passengers and boasts a luxurious configuration including a master bedroom, full bathroom with shower(s), a large living area with couches and a big screen TV, and a dining / conference room.

Private Boeing Business Jets

Boeing Business Jet Interior
Boeing Business Jet interior cabin

Boeing Business Jet bedroom
Boeing Business Jet bedroom

BBJ Boeing 737 Business Jet
Boeing 737 Business Jet Exterior

BBJ Boeing 737 Business Jet Bathroom
Boeing 737 Business Jet Bathroom

The 737 Boeing Business Jet brings the best of commercial aviation to private jet travel for large groups and can be uniquely customized for the private, business or governmental sectors. The BBJ range of over 6,200 miles provides an excellent value proposition for worldwide travel; offering larger, more personalized space, and unmatched reliability.

BBJ Boeing Business Jet
Boeing Business Jet Interior

The Boeing Business Jet can fly for up to 17 hours, giving the BBJ the ability to fly anywhere on the planet. Travelers looking to fly on a charter plane the size of the Boeing Business Jet put a premium on quality and the long range BBJ delivers. Giving passengers access to the same amenities in the air as they have on the ground, the Boeing Business Jet includes an office, bedroom, shower, dining facilities, entertainment areas and more.

If you are looking to travel in luxury on a private Boeing Business Jet BBJ charter, look no further than Charter Jet One. Our luxury private jet charters are unbeatable in service, quality, performance, efficiency and cost. Call or click today to request a quote for a Boeing Business Jet.

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